Sunday 8 May 2022

2021 Playoff Fat Pack Break

Nothing super high end, but I am getting 40 cards out of  this pack.
Stephon Gilmore - It might not be a Bills card to open, but it is a former Bills card. As for the design, well, that's a lot of border. At least it is in the team colours.
Chris Johnson - Two cards in, and it is showing that there will also be a mix of retired players as part of the base set.
Joe Burrow
David Carr
Chase Claypool - The pride of Abbotsford, British Columbia!
Tre'Davious White - Thankfully, it did not take too long to get to an actual Bills card for the PC. 
Peyton Manning
Jamison Crowder
Courtland Sutton
Dak Prescott
T.Y. Hilton
James White
Jeffery Thompson - This looks to be his first base card since his rookie year. Good for him. I also note he spells his first name like 2/14 binder member Alshon spells his last name.
Ray Lewis
Tony Gonzalez
Kirk Cousins
Amari Cooper
Robby Anderson
Robert Woods - Another Bills alum.
Jaire Alexander
Chris Carson
Jessie Tuggle - Jessie is one of the odder members of the 2/14 club. Very few online sources list him as such, but all his cards that list a birthdate do list him as such. This one doesn't include a birthdate on the card, so I won't count it. My binders. My rules.
Jalen Reagor
Chris Godwin
David Montgomery
Cam Akers
Ezekiel Elliott
Evan Engram
Drew Brees
Nico Collins
Greg Newsome II
Mac Jones
Nick Bolton
Dyami Brown - The shading of the background in the team colours for rookies make the dull photo choices at least somewhat more tolerable. Not that bad of a grouping here, as I've got a Collins for a future Ann Arbor mailer, and one of the better rookies in Jones.
Marquez Stevenson - Kickoff
Eric Stokes - Kickoff
Antonio Gibson - Kickoff - These parallels look to be retail exclusives. There's a second Bills card, so I'm happily punching above the weight here.
Rookie Wave - Elijah Moore - Half the card looks like a standard Mosaic base card, the other half looks like a goofy 1990s insert. The best of both worlds!
Call to Arms Blue - Ryan Tannehill - A nice final card. Not only an insert, but a parallel one as well. You even get the bonus of the shiny blue prizm meshing perfectly with the team colours. 

A couple Bills cards, a solid rookie, some trade bait and an aesthetically pleasing finale. Great pack!

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  1. Too much border indeed! Thanks for showing them off!