Saturday 7 May 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 15 - A Hitless Hanger


No hits in this, but there's still 20 cards, and that's a nice Canadian Tire card on the top. The Superstars portion of that set was slightly SP's, so that's a slight bonus.

The first half isn't the most interesting, but I always try to look for highlights in these. The interesting photo for Richardson and one of the 'Russians' inserts from 1991 OPC are about as noteworthy as it gets.
The second half is much nicer. Horizontal photos are nice, but right in the middle is the surest keeper in this pack. I've probably got a couple New York Americans cards in the ol' collection (likely all Roy Worters from ITG releases), but that doesn't make the obscurity of the team any less special. The Lindros was probably a good pull at the time, but now, like a lot of these 'at the time' cards, is now repack fodder. 
And the finale. A boring one, but a finale.

Can one card make a repack? That Worters sure did!

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  1. Lindros was a stud until the injuries got the better of him.