Thursday 1 July 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 27.3 - Hanging Around the 7-11

 The halfway point of the year - the halfway point of the repack. What was on the other side?

Here's the first of the visible cards on that side. Standard SPAuthentic entry.
It is always nice in a repack when you can fill a scan with cards representing all different sets. That Sweeney is a pretty interesting photo, as we can see the shot being unleashed in the background, and the photo looks to concern preventing action off any rebound. A couple mask binder cards as well on the top highlight this group for me.

That's a lot of junk wax stuff. But that Carbonneau, which features a face-off from the Stanley Cup playoffs, is at least notable. 

I guess they really wanted me to have that Jason Smith card, as that is its second appearance in this repack. While I don't think this run of ITG stuff is as interesting as the first group, I'll always look for interesting things. Zagrapan never reached the NHL, so his ITG stuff was the only place for pack-pullable cards on this side of the Atlantic. Also, back-to-back Ryans!

There you have it!

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