Monday 12 July 2021

Birthday Girl!


My sweet baby girl Mischief is one-year old today. And since she's an Airedale, I have quite a few more years left where she's still going to act like a puppy. I love this little beast to bits. Even when she still doesn't think I'll get mad at her for going on that chair.

Since I've get a birthday theme to today's post, it is a perfect excuse to show off the newest member of the 2/14 collection. While Jabba the Hut's birthday is probably not known, the birth date of the puppeteer behind Jabba, Toby Philpott, is. And it is 2/14, and he makes his debut in the miscellaneous portion of the collection. There's plenty more to come in my latest COMC shipment.


  1. Happy Bday, Mischief! (Perfect name for an Airedale. LOL)

  2. Happy birthday Mischief! Hope her special day is filled with yummy treats and energetic fun.

  3. Happy birthday! And awesome Jabba signature!