Wednesday 21 July 2021

Lotta Lowry


I did say there was a significant Kyle Lowry component to my latest COMC shipment. How much ido I consider significant? This much!

It was entirely cards in this, with this pre #7 sticker being the sole exception. As I wrote yesterday, the best multiple image cards are ones that showcase multiple jerseys. He switched to the more familiar number in the 2013 offseason after Bargnani was traded, so his 2013 entries have both options.
The name being repeated on the right looks odd when the name is right there on the top. But again, no repeated image on the front, and different jerseys make it a winner.
Why is an insert out of Totally Certified named 'Registered Mail' as opposed to 'Certified Mail'? 
Out of this whole group, I only duped up once on the insert set/parallel combo. The shinier one is a Horizon parallel.
Court Vision did make multiple appearances, but it was spread across two different sets and years.

No hits in the mix, but there were a pair of numbered cards in there. The Excalibur is /149. 
And the rest of 'em! Stretching from 2012-13 all the way through 19-20 for a nice cardboard summary of his time in Toronto - whatever may happen this offseason. 

There you have it!

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