Saturday 3 July 2021


Not too long ago, I showed off some Eddy Diaz cards I picked up through Panini points for my 2/14 collection. But there were a few more that were in that shipment. Here's the rest of 'em!

There was a final 2/14 addition in that package, and it wasn't technically a hit. But I believe these inserts fell at a rate of one-per-box back in the day. As one expected with a name like Clarity, these are acetate/clear plastic inserts, and the Alshon portion of the PC jumps by one.
I actually pack-pulled one of these back in the 2013 Score day. But, since Summers is a Wolverines alum, I quickly forwarded it on to Ann Arbor. I might as well remedy that and keep one for myself.

I came across that Summers card while looking for Mikkel Boedker autographs for my Kitchener Rangers alum collection. Such a formal font, too! Classy!

And why not add a new Sens autograph as well? Zenon may have been far more elite with with fists than his stick-handling, but it not only adds my first autograph of his to the collection, but it also is a perfect sandwich of Elite cards.

There you have it!

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