Monday, 1 January 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 1 - Startng the Year Right

The best way for me to commence another year here is with some Dollarama repacks!
Such as this one! And this had 5 items as opposed to the the typical 4.
Alas, there was a cost to the bonus item, as the Collector's Choice pack only had 4 cards as opposed to the usual 6. Since that did include a couple big names, a rookie and a parallel, I'll just assume the pack wasn't searched and it was just an error.
My Original 6 Pack team was the Rangers. And it was pretty much what I expected, except for that sweet Howell.
Pretty much what was expected from the 70s/80s pack as well, with a pair of 89s in each accompanied by a single card each from the early 80s. There's a new Dave Maloney for my Kitchener Rangers collection, even though it is not the most interesting photo imaginable.
One more! There must have been someone offering a good deal on those snap card holders outside repack HQ.
I can think of at least one person that would enjoy getting a quartet of Whalers from that Score pack.
3 out of the 4 cards in the goalie pack were mask binder worthy. That's all I ask. I also like the stretching on the Fernandez and Brodeur photos, as well as the stretch to call Blue a Great of the Game.
And the Premium pack. I'm not sure if this is the promised $5 in book value, but it did contain a couple shiny cards, an insert and a numbered rookie card. If you're going to (badly) photoshop a jersey onto Daniel Paille, you'd think they'd at least choose a less derpy photo.

But there you have it. Some nice repack keepers is a great way to open 2018.


  1. Two observations:

    1) Dead lord, what is with that Collector's Choice design. Horrid.

    2) Charlie Huddy is totally macking on some female in the stands and hoping to get her number.

  2. Four Whalers in a single pack of score!?!? I’d say that’s an omen that 2018 is gonna be a good year!