Sunday, 7 January 2018


The Buffalo Bills will have a playoff game today for the first time since the Clinton Presidency. Henceforth, let's see some Bills content from a half-case break of 2017 Panini Playoff.
I'll assume I did land the complete team base set here. There's the usual mix of active players, legends and rookies.
Only one parallel, but it is /49. I do like that it isn't a Rookie Premiere photo on this one, and they've used an in-game, albeit pre-season photo.
And one more! Sharp-eyed readers will note that this is the same photo as on the base card.
And a hit! My second autograph of Tre'Davious White joins my collection.

There you go! Done just in time for kick-off as well!

Edit: Yegads, Nathan Peterman is a Scott Norwood for the 10's.

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  1. Ugh, that game went about how I expected it to go. ... Nothing but vile-to-irritating teams left in the AFC.