Monday, 8 January 2018

Retail Sampler

One hanger pack of 2017 WWE Woman's Division and one hanger pack of 2017 Topps Gallery. That's quite the contrast of products, and ones I've been waiting way too long to finally post. Let's get to the scanning.
I'll start with the first of the two packs I busted. It opens up with an insert from the Moments set, and features an Aussie import.
Here are the base cards. Nice design - they look like something from a higher end set with all the white. My only complaint is that the image on Ivory's card has the belt covered up - although that purple scarf was also pretty iconic for her.
A rivalries insert, supposedly exclusives. I'd rather have had more base cards, TBH.
A couple more cards from the Moments insert set.
And some more base. At least they didn't recycle the image on the Billie Kay card.
Topps Gallery is up next. As a fan of painted cards, I was disappointed there were no blasters at the local Walmart, but a hanger pack will do. I really like the mix between images from games alongside the posed ones.
The canvas parallels. I was kinda hoping for a Court Kings feel to these, but they have the feel of the standard base cards.
Retail ends with a pair of inserts. I really love the look of the McGwire, with the action/portrait combo nicely reminding me of the 80s Diamond Kings. They just needed a hideously loud background. The last card is Expos content! And blue uniform Expos content as well! That's a great way to wrap up a post of two interesting, and interestingly different packs.


  1. Really dig the Becky Lynch and Nikki Cross cards. They're two of my favorites from that division currently. Also, that Raines Expos card is super nice as well. I might have to try to find one for myself.

  2. The canvas cards don't have a canvas feel? Good to know. Sad to hear.

  3. That card of Rock Raines is pretty flipping sweet! I really liked what they did with the HOF cards this year.