Wednesday 24 January 2018

Mucho Mets

Today is as good a time as any to reach into my COMC-to-be-posted box, and post the Mets content within.
Gary Carter? Mr. Met? That's a great way to start off a Mets post. As a bonus, the Let's Go Mets is made from some sort of soft material. Does this count as a manu-patch?
Ollie Perez with his salute to Turk Wendell.
Some more Piazzas. Faux-heritage is nice, but a cardboard salute to his post 9/11 homer is the easy winner in this two-card battle.
The only thing better than a Topps Kids cards is two of them.
And the only hit in the Mets portion of the box was this Joe McEwing auto. While Super Joe wasn't close to superstar status, he was a cult favourite during some rather depressing seasons. And that's just fine for Archives Fan Favourites.

There you have it!

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