Wednesday, 3 January 2018

PWE Chronicles

3 PWEs! One sender! A trio of PWEs from Kerry @ Cards on Cards showed up yesterday, and now seems as good a time as any to post them. Even though I do have a larger, multi-post TMV/M bubbler to get to.
Although I busted 3 boxes of Hoops, I didn't land myself any of these inserts. I'm just going to assume they were retail exclusives. The lack of interest on the defenders indicate this dunk had to be after the whistle, which kinda kills the vibe on the photo. Still, a nice new card for my PC of the local product.
From the local kid to the local team. There's some more inserts that are likely retail only. And that's followed up with some somewhatshiny cards. I really love that the McGrady is done with the classic purple, with the jersey to match.
Shininess continues as you head down the road from the ACC to the Dome for three more Jays. Gurriel Jr makes his collection debut.
The only hits come from the Mets portion of the envelope. The DeGrom and Harvey on the bottom come from a 2016 National League All-Stars set, so they're somewhat oddball.

There you go! Thanks for these goodies, and I hope my latest package made it safely westward.

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  1. Good to see that they made it safely. PWEs are keeping the cost down on international shipping for me, so I'm trying to stick with inserts and hits when possible.