Wednesday 16 March 2022

I guess this should precede Heritage


My Heritage boxes are supposed to show up later today. Whether that estimate is accurate or not, I guess I'll find out later today. But here's a jumbo pack worth of cards where I'll select a handful of cards to show off.

My first card. I hope that he was actually safe on that play.
No Mets content in this pack, but there was one super casual Jays card.
Here's my first sketchy photoshop of a player into a Guardians jersey. 
There are legitimate versions of alternate jersey cards in this.
My favourite photo overall goes to a celebratory, albeit filthy, Ronald Acuna Jr. Ronald got one of the 100's position in the set, coming in at #200.
Here's the card that graces the #1 spot in the set. While I didn't get the prized Wander card, there were still some solid names in the pack. The most interesting thing about the collation in this is not one of the base cards had the horizontal layout. 
A shiny parallel gives another look at an alternate jersey with another celebratory photo.
My only horizontal card was this insert. If shoe-themed cards can show up in basketball releases, why not also use them in baseball? 

And the final card in the pack and this post is yet another visit to 1987.

Maybe it is the bland design, but I really can't see myself opening more than a few samplers of  flagship and Chrome the rest of the way home.


  1. It is a rather bland design but at least the player name is readable. Too bad the player position in the bottom right corner isn't readable.

  2. Much improved over last year, but there are still little chemical fires going on in the corners obscuring things with white smoke like they did in 2015.

  3. Yes, it's a better design than last year. I'm not a fan of the Guardian photoshops. Hold the Cleveland players for later release if you really want to...heck, they held the Rangers back for that logo a couple of years ago, right? Thanks for showing off the cards!