Sunday 20 March 2022

2022 Heritage Break - Box #3 - Let's See Some Ink!

 The boxes continue! Will knowing where the inserts and SPs are kill my enjoyment of these boxes? Nope!

What goodies were in this one?
This time, the box loader wasn't one of the oversized parallels, but was one of the 'pin-up' cards instead. The other boxes would contain the standard box topper, so it is nice to get a little variety. 

Another first for this box - my first photo variation. It is a nice looking photo of Cruz, but the stadium is the real star in this one.
And yet another, my first and only black border parallel. They aren't numbered, but are supposedly limited to a print run of 50 each.
But there's still niceness with the standard base cards, as Ortega looks like he's admiring a deep drive.
Miguel Cabrera makes his posed photo look particularly intense.
The horizontal photos remain a highlight this year.
The inserts. John Mayberry is making his first non-buyback appearance in a Topps release since 2013 Archives. And that's the exact same photo used 9 years ago.
And hey! Another first for this box is my first autograph of the break! This is my second autograph overall of the former top rookie, having landed one previously out of 2019 Chronicles. This one seems like more of a keeper for its classic feel. I'll see if I can turn the other one into some SPs from this set build.

And there you have it!


  1. Looks like this might be the best box of the five (so far at least). Can't wait to get my two Heritage hobby boxes later this week.

  2. Nice, that Cruz kid has the chance to be an absolute beast. I think folks are sleeping on him. Only question is if a guy who is 2 meters tall call can actually play middle infield in MLB or he needs to learn a new position.