Wednesday 30 March 2022

A Dime Box Mailer - Part 3 of 4

 More than 2 weeks later, back to the mailer!
This isn't just any ol' Blue Jays card to start off this mailer. While this is a nice rookie card of pitcher Alek Manoah, it is also the final card I needed to put the 2021 Update set to bed. Since this did arrive about a month ago, I can technically claim that I finished the 2021 set-build before I started on Heritage this year. That's always a plus!
I guess when you release a set in 1986, Rick Bosetti would likely count as an all-time Blue Jay. TCMA also recycled this photo, which appeared back in 1981 on his Donruss card.
The Jays section was a little sparser in this team bag, allowing the late Damaso Garcia to pick up the volume victory with these two cards. 
I don't see any expiration date for this offer! Wonder if they still have some?

This Historical Hits joins a Joe Carter to complete the Historical Hits Jays content from 2021. Both of the walk-off homers are worthy on inclusion, and I'm really happy to see Joe's return to Topps sets.
A random Delgado is a fine conclusion to the Toronto portion.
It might not be a photo of him and his pitching motion, but this is still a wonderfully unique photo of Nomo for the Mets PC.
John Olerud's 4 card made gave him the nod here.
But Vladdy is the king with these 6 new cards. I really do not feel like going back over the anniversary posts, but I'm guess that at least one of these was part of the giveaway.
But here's my favourite Expo card. I'm still tempted to scratch at least one of these. Maybe one day, I'll order one of the cheaper ones of COMC and succumb to that temptation.
This one is certainly one I requested in the giveaway. O-Pee-Chee content, with all its bilingual goodness, are some of my favourite cards in the collection. Although I can't imagine why Topps couldn't get a photo of Lopes from the final month of the season, especially since he was in Cubs colours on Fleer & Donruss' cards.

But that's the fun of O-Pee-Chee. And at least they got the Cubs logo on it, unlike Topps.

1 group of cards left!


  1. Really like the historical hits card - very nice new card for an old moment.

  2. Still bitter over that Delgado homer.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen one of those cards scratched off before, so it would be interesting to see what's under those scratchable's.

  4. That Nomo has certainly tempted me to start a "Players Drinking Things" mini-collection.