Wednesday 9 March 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 8.1

 Back to the repack box, and one of these:

20 cards and a hit. 

You got a nice look at the Archives card in the picture of the packaging, so here's the reverse of the 1993 design saluted in 2019's release. At least they remained true to the original by not re-using the image from the front.
Even if it is 1990 Donruss, a Blue Jays card is nice to see as the first hidden card. There's some interesting collation as there are back-to-back sunglasses cards, both super casual for the photos as well.
That's Ryan Rupe on the opener out of  Genuine. That's not exactly the most legible design. The late John Cerutti provides the PC team content. Wilson Alvarez cards are more interesting when you can turn them over, and see the sideways '8' as his 1989 ERA. This card is not one of those.
This gives a hit to all 3 of my team collection, with Beltran for the Mets and White for the Expos. That Focus design is a nice, more modern take of the 1981 Topps entries. 
And my hit is an auto! I admit to having absolutely zero memories of Bobby Estalella, but at least he has a nice looking signature and it is an on-card auto.

Not too much more left to go in terms of volume, but things still get interesting after the hit with the Kelly Wunsch, as he gets a card saluting an ultra-rare 5 strikeout inning. It has happened since, but Malcolm Van Buren didn't get a card to commemorate that. And he should have.
It looks more like he's chasing a pop up as opposed to a wild pitch or passed ball, so this isn't as appropriate of a follow-up to the Wunsch card as it should be. But it is what it is and isn't an in-game action shot you see a lot of. 

There you have it!


  1. The Beltrán is quite nice. And, as you say, it's always a plus when the hit is an auto, especially on-card, even if it's a nobody. Not a bad repack.

  2. Fleer Focus has been mostly forgotten but it's an under-rated brand.

  3. Wunsch wins it. Honorable mentions for Kent and Perez.

  4. No repacks like that down in my neck of the woods.