Saturday 19 March 2022

2022 Heritage Break - Box #2, and a rather specific layout

The first box wasn't like this, but this time there was definitely a pattern to the layout of the packs when compared to the content as I worked my way across the box.

Row 1: New Age Performers
Row 2: All Base, No SPs
Row 3: All Base, with SPs
Row 4: Inserts (Flashbacks, Then/Now)
Row 5: All Base, No SPs, Relic Hit
Row 6: All Base, with SPs

I'll see how things look the rest of the way home in the boxes, but I hope that the rest aren't like this.

Edit: They were.
But this did result in my first Wander Franco card of the year. 
And he was also lurking later on, providing me with the one card I really didn't want to have to pick up on the secondary market. Thankfully, this wasn't among the SP portion.
While I was happy to see the Franco, I was even happier to see this base card/reprint of the 1973 Clemente appear. Like in the original set, this card has the #50 spot in Heritage. It is a perfect salute to the classic card.
Here's my first Blue Jays card out of the SP portion. 
Another SP, with a picture choice that looks like it would be a photo variation in other sets. 
Rookie Cup! 
But it is the horizontal cards that once again provide the most interesting photos in the box.  The Myles Straw is my favourite here, even with the slightest photoshop creation of the Guardians jersey.

Here's the box topper. Jarred sure seems excited for photo day.
I'm not sure why Steinbrenner buying the Yankees ended up as part of the News Flashbacks insert set and not the baseball version of the set, but I'm not the one making up the set. Maybe 1973 was a really dull year.
Here's some more baseball themed inserts, all of which were found on the 4th row along with George.

Nothing beats having your one numbered parallel in the box being a team PC addition, even though their choice for the photo with the blurry runner in the foreground makes it look like your scanner is on the fritz.
And here's the hit! While it is a step down from the player featured from the first box, this one is definitely a more interesting swatch. The maroon piece has to come from one of the Phillies throwbacks, which makes it super appropriate for Heritage.

There you have it!


  1. Just not feeling it with this Heritage set, not sure why.

    But Heritage is Heritage. It's always cool to see.

  2. I was not really feeling '73 Topps when they first appeared and didn't buy a lot of it when I was younger. I just received my first 2022 Topps Heritage this morning from a group break and I actually like these better than the original '73s. Still like last year's Heritage more.

  3. I like the use of the photo from the Roberto Clemente day game in the Jonathan India photo. I watched that game. Every Pirate and several Reds all wore #21.