Thursday 3 March 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks Part 7.4 - Hanging Around

A mask binder card starts off the final portion of 25 cards.
A second Canvas appearance! And a mascot card! The latter must have knocked me so much for a loop that I neglected to notice that there were two more horizontal cards when placing these on the scanner bed. At least I got the card of the Kitchener Rangers alum in Shawn Burr correct, and surprisingly for me that junk wax era card of the alum is a new one for that PC.
Everything is aligned correctly here, as I hit the Bowman portion. Much like with the earlier foursome, there are three HOFers in this group, with Bob Essensa as the unfortunate odd-man-out. Mark Eaton, on the Premier Plus entry, remains the only NHLer in league history to be born in Delaware. 
I'm certain I've pulled it before, but that Salming is a really nice looking card, if for nothing but the classic team Sweden jersey. A second entry from Premier Plus? Unexpected in repack land. The Stoll may look like a generic base card from 15-16, but it is actually an Update card out of 2015 SP Authentic. Unlike with the Season Highlights of Gartner earlier on, this photo could conceivably of Jari Kurri's milestone moment. He was wearing a white Kings jersey for it, so I'll believe it as such. Great ending!

There you have it!

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