Saturday 12 March 2022

There's Always Room for Chronicles


And it goes even better in twos.

Basketball is on the left, so I'll start with that. Basketball is one giant base set with 700+ cards as opposed to baseball, so I feel the need to elaborate that this one started off with the base design.
The packs are nicely divided by the type of cards, with the paper bae to start. With the focus more on rookies in this set, it isn't surprising that you double up on a couple guys. So far, this is a Payton Pritchard and Deni Ajdiva hot pack.
Score designs are exclusive to hanger packs.
The best thing is that that Fun Facts on the back migrate over for this year. 
Bronze parallels are also exclusive to this format. 
Here's a couple foil cards, with Deni making appearance #3 in this pack.
And a more obvious bronze parallel. As the current season continues, one can't go wrong ending a pack with a parallel of Ja Morant.
Baseball opens up with a more traditional base card.
The paper base designs. I don't know if it was the time I picked the White Sox in a case break to chase Yermin Mercedes cards, but I seem to have come across way too many of those Madrigal Legacy cards this  year.
Since Classics also includes a 'fact on the back' this time, I might as well include them in the baseball portion of this post as well.
Looks like the one-per hanger this time contained a swatch! Any swatch that includes a pinstripe is automatically a good one!
Somewhat oddly, the one-per acetate card isn't Magnitude, but Clearly Donruss.
There's a little more foil in these hangers than the basketball. I appreciate the "we ain't photoshopping every card" photo choice on Bellinger.
Your pink parallel. There is no parallel that could interest me in the Overdrive set.
One last one-per to  wrap things up. This one is a parallel, but unnumbered. Astro parallels are the most common of the parallels, and aren't as obnoxiously loud as the set can be. 

There you have it!


  1. The Panini Playbook cards are really sharp, and the Morant is sweet. It's odd to see a Score basketball card, lol. I'm not a fan of most Chronicles subsets, especially the logoless baseball issues. I like the Dalbec and the Rogers relic is a very nice pull.

  2. Giannis and LeBron win this round.

  3. I caved and bought a pack of the Chronicles basketball because it's been so long since I bought packs of basketball. Way to all-over-the-place for me, plus getting 2 or 3 of the same player in a pack. Thanks for showing off the cards!