Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Sticking it to the 2/14 Collection

 I've had these around for months now. I might as well finally scan 'em, and add them into the 2/14 collection. I got them all from nhlstickers.com, and I am certain they were wondering "Why order only cards of these guys?".

Because they're all 2/14 guys, and it moved my collection closer to 3300 total items.

While this one is a fairly mainstream item from a Panini release, I found this one somewhat odd. Stickers are meant to be stuck, right? And there's an album for someone to do the sticking! 
Which makes the stats on the back, complete with the wrong birth month, look out of place on these stickers. But, since most of his other cards list the 2/14 date, I guess I'll still consider it a suitable addition.

But I don't do that with 2/16 Bernie Geoffrion cards. Why? I'm not quite sure.
Give me classics like this Walt Poddubny!
Where I can order a mini-sac, ideal for the gym, pool or travel! Call that the first thing I'll do when I time travel back to early 1988.
But, the best back goes to smaller of these two Calle Johansson entries.

I'm not sure what exactly a Marabou is, or if they still even exist, but I know if I ever go to Finland, they will likely make me say Mmm.
Here's a couple more Calles, making him the big  winner with 4 new entries in the collection, now totaling 45.
Marian Gaborik makes a  pair of appearances. He trails Milan Hejduk by 11 for the overall lead in the 2/14 binders.
And here's a few folks that joined Lowry and Poddubny in the one-and-done club in this post.

There you have it!


  1. Those almost make me wish I had held onto a few stickers instead of sticking them in an album and then throwing it away.

  2. Marabou is a Scandinavian chocolate brand. Used to see it when I lived there. The best thing about it was it had no licorice in it like virtually all their other snacks.

  3. I really like the look of the 2019-20 Topps NHL Stickers (Mrazek). Clean design. Nice photo.