Monday 1 March 2021

2021 Series 1 Jumbo Break - Packs 7 through 10

 I was going to do the final packs 2 at a time, but the collation was such that the final two packs were all dupes except for a couple cards. So, I'll just meld the inserts into this post and wrap things up with this.

Pack 7:

Definitely a Padres a pack in terms of base card content and in terms of interesting photo content.

Ooo! A photo variation. I don't think a duller photograph could have been chosen for these. 

But this a little nicer with the front/back career spanning card. I could see myself making an effot to complete this insert set, or at least get some interesting ones.

The remaining insert/parallel.

Pack 8:

The 8th pack brought me a Vladdy, and a really interesting photo that combines both a simple catch, and a player looking like he's ready to relay that ball into the infield the second it lands in the glove.

That Cueto photo I liked so much earlier because of how it went with the design of the card. The Stars in Service should be the dullest insert set of the year. 

Pack 9:

There were only about 4 new cards the rest of the way home, so just the inserts!

I can't complain about a Vladdy and a Hank Aaron among these inserts.

And finally, the autograph. I had absolutely no idea who this was. Turns out Arauz was rule 5 selection who spent last year with the Sox. So, good for him! 

Pack 10:

Final pack brings quite the selection of parallels and inserts. It probably would have been better to use a Cub for the 2016 set, but at least the classic logo looks really nice with the colours of the design. That Voit was a low-numbered as parallels got for me in this, at /199. 

But, a complete base set, some filler for trade packages, and some decent inserts still make this a pretty decent break.


  1. Arauz is an interesting choice for an autograph. Like you said, he was a Rule 5 pickup. Chances were if the 2020 season was a complete 162 game schedule it would have been hard to keep him on the roster all year, but the shortened season made it rather easy.

  2. Nice bunch of inserts. Congrats on getting a complete first series too!

  3. Nice couple of legends in Aaron and Banks, both with interesting photos.

  4. Yep, that Bregman may be the dullest photo on a variation card that I've ever seen!

  5. I'm not as big a fan of the photos on the Padres cards. The Machado one in particular seems to be from the classic Topps style guide for photos - "don't show the players face, name or number, pick an awkward pose, and then crop to within an inch of its life". I get they save all their good photos for Stadium Club but I feel they half-assed their flagship again. Not that it matters. The pandemic bubble means they will shift literally tons of this product.

  6. Happy you got a complete set out of it. Thanks for showing them off!