Friday 19 March 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 10.4 - More Baseball from the Source

 Bringing it home.

I didn't even notice that this was a Pro Debut card as opposed to a flagship card when I first looked at it. And then I got a good look at the logo on thought "That St. Louis logo is pretty small...wait a sec...".

And here's my favourite card of the repack - the Dandridge. A Negro League photo with the Minneapolis Millers. Very unexpected - and a great card form the junk wax era. That Tatooine card (tm: gcrl) and the Expos release are also pretty nice.

Mets content! 2002 seems like an odd year to salute a 1989 design, but is still a nice little flashback. Bunting photo too!

And your last bunch o' cards. Another bunt card, and it is back-to-back bunting Astros. Another Met, another Expo, and that Pecota is another memorable photo from the junk wax era.

That was a really solid grouping of 100 cards. While there was nothing to impress the 'Beckett book value' types, a lot of keepers for the misc. collection, and some for filler for future mailers as well. 

There you have it!