Tuesday 9 March 2021

Drugstore Cardboy

 Since my primary outings the past month have been trips to the Shoppers Drug Mart, (conveniently where the post office is as well), I might as well pick up a pack o' cards while there.

Which this is!

And in a little bit of perfection, the first card out is a Bills card! I'm assuming this is a photoshop special, as I think this set's early October release would have been too soon to get a new photo issued in time. But I've been wrong about these before. Either way, here's the only Bills content in this pack.
Pretty much what I expected from the veteran base cards. With each team warranting about 3 veteran base cards in the 100-card portion of the base set, I'd expect each one to have at least one of them be a QB, and to maybe have a slight over representation in a single pack.
There were 3 green parallels in the pack. For some reason, the rookie portion of both this and the base set are foil. And even it isn't the one I collect, I did land a Josh Allen in this.
A couple inserts - also with the foil. I must admit I'd expect an insert set named Unsung Heroes to be devoted to people without a lot of cards out there. A lineman. An undrafted WR who has hung around for a few seasons. Sadly, the checklist has a lot of names with a lot of cards. It looks like the entire checklist has at least 50 options of cards for them on COMC.

 More rookies than veterans in a Panini release? What type of wizardry is this? It looks like Chase Young is the big name in this group.

There you have it!


  1. Ah the days where you can just go to a store and get a pack of cards. Thanks for showing them off!

  2. I hate it when the player names are hard to read, which seems to be the case with the base cards. Not a bad design other than that though.