Sunday 7 March 2021

Better Than Quest of the Delta Burkes

 Whenever there's an Upper Deck release of a subject I'm not familiar with, I always try to search the set to see if there's anything I can shoehorn into one of my collections, generally the 2/14 portion. But Brigid Brannagh isn't a 2/14 baby.

But she was one of the stars in the MST3K-riffed "Quest of the Delta Knights", aka the episode Pearl was in the theater for one segment. That's enough to make an auto from a series I wasn't familiar with a part of my MST3K collection.


  1. Nice. Do you have a big MST3K actors auto collection? I've got a Richard Kiel auto and have been meaning to get a Joe Don Baker auto someday, but am wary of going too far down that rabbit hole.

    1. I've got a Joe Don, and you inspired me to add a Richard Kiel to my COMC inventory. Caroline Munro (Earth's Core, Starcrash) also has some reasonably priced options.