Wednesday 17 March 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 10.2 - More Baseball from the Source

Here's the visible card on the back. It is a Topps card, but this image seems perfect to appear on a Panini release. 

A real nice start with a pair of cards that hit the PC. Pillar for the Jays has to be a dupe, but the Tosoni is a new card for my CanCon collection. That's a retail purple parallel for him. The Weiss is another memorable photo from the junk wax era. I also love the knothole look from the Bowman Heritage card.
It is a dupe, but there's some 2-14 content there with Dravecky. Some mid-range base stuff here as well with Finest and Portraits. 

And your last bunch. If the 'pick off at third' card is accurate, and it appears to be so, that's gotta be a very rare appearance photographically for a card. The Kubel appears to be a broken bat shot as well, so that's another uncommon appearance for card photos. Wrigley ivy too!

Solid photos, a parallel PC hit, and some team collection hits. Not a bad 1/4! 


  1. Flowers is one of those players who always seems to have interesting photos on his cards..

  2. Weiss wins the round. Roberto Hernandez Rated Rookie is close though.