Friday 5 March 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 8 - Baseball from the Source


Yet another repack from the source - one of many, both large and small, that were in a recent shipment. At least I can bust repacks without being tempted by the candy aisle.

Let's get a nicer look at the Al Alburquerque card. If this were the local dollar store, I'd probably pick this one up just based on the presence of a guy named Al Alburquerque as the visible card.

Your first bunch of 5. That George Foster already makes this a pretty good repack with an American Pie appearance. The photo on that Segui is also uncommon enough to put another keeper for the misc. binder.
Mets content! WOO-HOO! That Gonzalez is a pretty nice looking card as well. That line is just some sort of error I made when cropping the scan, and I didn't notice it until I uploaded the scan just now. 

And here's the promised hit. That's an interesting way to add a little something to a simple bat relic as well. While it is a nice piece from an almost certain Hall of Famer, the Dodgers content makes it a likely addition to a future shipment to the Night Owl.

That's a very dirty card of Chris Hoiles, and another nice keeper via the photo choice. I really like the contrast on the bottom two cards as modern recreations of a vintage look on the card.
Buck Coats just sounds like a name for a baseball player. Like Stubby Clapp. Nice card of a player I hadn't heard of before finding this card, despite a handful of appearances for the Blue Jays.
And the final, and second visible card. 

A nice trader as the hit, and a couple interesting non-hit cards with the Ventura, Coats and Foster make for a decent repack.

There you have it!


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  2. I like bat relics where they do something to the wood, like on this one

  3. Haven't seen this type of repack at all. The promise of a relic would definitely get me to buy for a dollar, maybe a couple. (Future) Hall of Famer relic--wow!