Monday 22 March 2021



It might take a year, but it does look like Panini is still sending out hockey redemptions. If this is 99/99, does this mean this was the last one they had in stock? While Rookie Anthology was really good to the John Gibson portion of my Rangers alum collection, this was actually my first on-card autograph of the bunch, joining a trio of sticker autos. I also landed the true rookie from his Titanium /36 from this product as well.

And receiving this does make me slightly hopeful that the Tarasenko Rookie Selection might still be a thing.


  1. That is lucky, I'm impressed they're still honoring redemption. Great looking RPA there!

  2. Crown Royale Silhouette rookie autographed cards are gorgeous.

  3. Yeah, I'm curious now too about how many of the numbered inserts they would keep for these things and if they keep specific ones. Congrats on the redemption!