Sunday 4 August 2019

Mailbag: Condition Sensitive

Today, a mailbag that didn't involve a journey across an international border, as I bust an envelope that showed up from Saskatchewan's greatest Rockies fan.
The content in this envelope gave boost to some of my team collections. When looking at the floating head card, I'd completely forgotten that Mark Jackson made a stop in Toronto during his career. 
CS is a big fan of Gypsy Queen, so it is unsuprising to see that among the content of the package. The top left card is a missing nameplate variation, while next to it is both a (deep breath) GQ Logo Swap variation AND a Player's Weekend Image Variation. (exhales). More inserts on the bottom as well. My GQ busting this year consisted of one retail hanger, so it is nice to add a few variants to the collection.
A small number of Jays cards move us away from GQ for a bit.
Before we return with this. Borucki recently appeared in the news alongside a name you don't want to be alongside: Dr. James Andrews. That really doesn't bode well in the short-term.

There you have it! Expect return fire shortly!

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