Sunday 18 August 2019

Building My Own Repack - Part 2 - Quarterback Club

I know I went for QB content yesterday, but today I'm expanding beyond just one player, with 3 players showing up. Two are pretty familiar, one not so familiar.
Like any good Bills fan, I'll start with a Jim Kelly card. Look at the beautiful astroturf behind him, even though it was probably as hard as the concrete walkways in the stadium.
Remember when Action Packed was the most high-end football card out there? They're textured! And $3 for a pack of 6!  Or whatever. They were the most expensive based on cards-per-pack at the time.
And here's some more Jim Kelly to end his portion of the mailer. I guess we get a little weather with this one and the pile of snow in the upper right. The lower right card was duped up in a recent TMV mailer, but that was the only card that ended up being so in the repack.
Could you make David Garrard look a little less goofy in the drawing? Thanks!
This is the final appearance of Contenders in the package. This would be a really great design that would really allow the autograph to pop on the rookie tickets, except they switched to a silver background for those cards.
Here's a whole bunch more of Garrard, my favourites here are the Artifacts on top, basically for being one of what has to be very few designs that incorporate a player's initials into the design, and the Certified in the lower corner, for having a photo that almost perfectly places David alongside a giant logo that was hanging in the background.
The Garrard ends on a pair of horizontal photos.
But we're ending on a far more obscure member of the 2/14 club. I only had a pair of Anthony Wright cards prior to this, including a relic, so his appearances in the binders has now tripled. Interestingly, as a third-stringer, Wright would pick up a Super Bowl ring alongside a fellow 2/14 baby, the late Jared Lorenzen.

And yes, there were some non-QB cards in the purchase, and they're up next!

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  1. The Garrard might be a little goofy... but I do love me some Topps Chicle from back in the day.