Thursday 15 August 2019

Going Outside the NHL for new 2/14s

If it is a card, it counts. That's really the only rule I have for 2/14 content. I'm probably going to be on a 2/14 kick for the next several posts, in an attempt to somewhat get caught up on adding to that binder. And to lead off this post, here's my first card of Andris Dzerins. He's spent most of his career in Europe after a short stint in the OHL, so I'm really happy to add an obscure name to the binder.
Also debuting in the collection, courtesy of the "if they're on epack, they can be cheaply found at COMC" feature, Cameron Tolnai makes an appearance sporting the Ottawa 67's memorable barber pole uniforms.
That's the same source for this Allan McShane entry, although the Habs draft pick now reaches 7 cards total.
The player with the most cards in the collection that gets a feature in this post is Calle Johansson, now with 35 cards following this international addition of him while with Sweden.
To wrap up the base cards, here's a card that takes as far east as we can go for hockey cards and still stay in North America, with Mike MacWilliam's time with the St. John's (Newfoundland) Maple Leafs getting a cardboard commemoration.
As usual, it is nice to wrap these up with a hit. Aside from appearances as a Young Gun and associated parallels last year, he didn't have any other cards in his rookie season. An appearance in the AHL set was the extent of his 2018 cards, but at least there was an autograph.

And there you have it! More hockey next post with the NHL-level 2/14s.

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