Monday 19 August 2019

Building My Own Repack - Part 3 - Maturity is Overrated

Yes. I am aware the last name isn't pronounced that way. No. I will not be able to suppress my inner Beavis when I see that name.
It doesn't matter which team he's playing for on the card, both of the above statements are still in play.  With these, I'm just 1 shy of double digits for Harry Colons in the collection with these 3 cards.
Topps Total was also a football product, and you can contrast the photo choice from a player's rookie year to his sophomore season quite easily here. These are cards 4 and 5 of Miller.
Your final big winner in terms of a large bunch of new cards that more than double his portion of cards is Jeff Graham, as he jumps to 30 by including cards that go back to his college days.
That's a slightly less literate way of covering a player's new team in comparison to the classic "now with..." that O-Pee-Chee used. At least it isn't a ghastly airbrushing or photoshop job.
Sometimes cards don't really scan in such a manner to show how bright they really are. This one definitely does not follow that rule.
It is enough to make me welcome the colourful, but sedate MVP cards.
Here's the rest of the Jeff Graham content as I bring my second of these custom not-quite-repacks to an end.

Next up, I'll continue my build of the Heritage 2019 set with some high numbers!

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  1. Of course it's pronounced that way; he's not Spanish lol.