Sunday 25 August 2019

Going High End

A sale at the LCS last week inspired me to try something a little more high-end than I usually go for - a tin of Premier.
Last time, this product worked out pretty well, as I landed a Vasilevskiy RPA, and a redemption that turned into a Kane/Kessel dual (or you could just read yesterday's post). What would this bring me?
A base card.
A rookie base card.
Every tin is supposed to contain one RPA, and this was the one I got in here. I guess this is a patch, but it feels like an iron on more than a patch. The penmanship is non-existent, but at least he's still in the league.
A plain white relic.
Here's the second autograph in the box. It is a better player than the RPA, at least. And the penmanship is a little better than on that as well. at least you can recognize one of the letters and his jersey numbers.
Another plain white relic, but definitely a step up from the Giroux. The Legends portion of the relics falls 1 in every 20 tins, but Gretzky is a Tier 1 relic, falling at a mere 1:350 tins. At those odds, I can't complain about landing a swatch from the Great One. And at least the silver on the design goes nicely with the Kings uniforms.
The final card breaks the white swatch streak!

While I didn't get my money worth in this, the Gretzky and the Keller were nice enough to take the edge off.