Monday 5 August 2019

Mailbag: Cards on Cards

The envelope onslaught ends with a flurry of PWEs from Portland, specifically Kerry from Cards on Cards. 
Starting off, here's some set building damage. 
I lead off yesterday with some Raptors content, but for the sake of variety, they're in second place today. From regular inserts, to an acetate insert, to shiny parallels, there's a little bit of variety here. And of all the Siakam rookies I picked up from group breaks in 16-17, that wasn't one of them.
More shininess as we switch Toronto teams. I've not even seen any individual packs of Stadium Club this year (only boxes), so this Stroman is the first card in that set.
The only set I've really got into this year is Heritage, so these PWEs contained only my 2nd and 3rd cards of Pete Alonso that I've acquired from 2019 releases. Outside of those, I really like the sepia parallel of Nido, and the underrated shininess of the Amed Rosario Fire, which is a purple parallel /99.

And there you have it! Mailbag caught up! WOO-HOO! 

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