Friday 16 August 2019

And Back to the NHL

I'll follow-up some 2/14 hockey from yesterday with even more 2/14 hockey today.
When you're really not certain what to start with, lead with the most garish card you have and work from there. That's as good a reason as any to bring out this Tom Pyatt retro from 2013 O-Pee-Chee.
Shininess! At least they upgraded the photo for his Platinum card from the incredibly derpy facial expression that they used for his original OPC card.
The only other player to get 3 new cards in the collection was Ilya Zubov. I'm not sure Artifacts was going for an Old West wanted poster look for the backgrounds in 2008, but they sure got it.
And the only other player with multiple appearances is Marian Gaborik, as he closes in on the 200 card plateau. Only 5 more to go!
Although I've got a KHL card of his, I had to rely on the e-pack-only Compendium to provide me with the first NHL card of Bogdan Kiselevich.
I was surprised I didn't have the Young Guns card of Eric Nystrom already in the collection. That fixes that oversight.
Petr Mrazek didn't have a regular base card in 2018-19 MVP, but he did have an appearance in the parallel set that saluted the 20th anniversary of the set's debut.
From a facsimile signature to a real one, here's an autograph of Dave Lowry. While a nice on-card sig is a great way to end a post,
But given my love from 1993 Leaf, I have to go with the cityscape background of this Milan Hejduk.
And you get the (debated) history of the cheeseburger on the reverse of the card.  What else could you want?

I'll stay with the 2/14s, but switch over to some football for the next few posts.

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  1. I should have bought a ton of '18-19 MVP but I couldn't seem to find any at the stores i order from. Probably just as well, I'd only be buying them for the 20th parallels like your Mrazek.

    John Hayden could be a sneaky good acquisition by the Devils. Or he could be buried in Binghamton since they suddenly have center depth. (Just looked at the OPC card you linked-yikes!)