Thursday 29 August 2019

Raptors Randomness

Time for another Raptors post that gets ignored.
Yes. This gets counted as a Raptors card. At least until they start issuing cards for team executives/advisors. Embry has been a senior advisor for the Raptors since 2004, and that's enough for me to consider him a Raptor for the purposes of the binder. He also continues the tradition of the retired legends having nice-looking autographs.
Yes. This gets counted as a Raptors card. Adel was signed and playing for their G-League team for part of the season, before moving on to Cleveland. Although he'll never have an official Raptors card, it still is enough for me to count it.
Kyle Lowry's autographs, no matter what the team, are finally starting to settle into a price point that seems more accurate for the multi-time all-star. Fortunately, I grabbed this one before that. And since he has plenty of Raptors autos out there, this doesn't count as a Raptors card. I just had no other place to put it.
But it does act as a perfect segue into the portion of the post that shows off the cards that are obviously Raptors content. These were retail-only inserts in Hoops this past season.
If not for the Championship sets, this would be my first card of Marc Gasol as a Raptor. And if he'd fallen off the parade bus, it might have been my only cards of him as a Raptor.
This is from the Panini Father's Day bonus packs. Only one season, but what a season!
I'm ending on a really interesting relic. A plain blue swatch? If I'm identifying correctly, this comes from one of the Toronto Huskies throwbacks that Lowry and the team sported during the 16-17 season. The possibility that it was made it enough to throw the card into my COMC inventory.

There you have it!

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  1. That Get out the Way is actually from the Hoops Winter set. I think that whole set was retail only but I never saw it for sale. I traded for all of mine.