Saturday 17 August 2019

Building My Own Repack - Part 1 - A McNair Affair

I've done this before with sportlots. With many Dollarama repacks being 80 cards, and with many sportlots sellers having a shipping price 'level' end at 80 cards, combine the two, and put together my own 80 card lot. The first time I did this was with hockey and a bunch of 2/14 additions, and today, and the next few days, it will be football.
As the subject indicates, Steve McNair cards are the subject of this post. And we're opening with a weatherporn photo from a game in Cleveland.
Naturally, such a great photo will come from an Upper Deck release, and it is a perfect photo of a handoff.
Unfortunately, this isn't the currently-incarcerated former NFLer named Sharper that is getting faked out here. It is his older brother Jamie. The other would have made for a far nicer card today.
Gridiron Kings easily wins the battle of painted cards, since Gallery makes McNair look like a serial killer's courtroom sketch.
How about a license plate parallel? Techinically, they're called Interstate parallels, but since Bowman's design did use the actual license plate designs for the state at the time, I prefer the former.
Here's the front of the card. It is supposed to highlight the birthplace of the player, Mount Olive in this case, but they scan horribly.
The ticket motif Contenders uses is always one of my favourites, so you get a quartet of them. The Ravens colours work especially well here.
That's the perfect way to lead to the other Ravens cards in the mix.
The Tennessee content (all Titans cards except for the lower left Oilers one) moves the overall McNair content in the binder to 132.

The rest of the quarterbacks show up next post.

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  1. That 2001 Pacific card is awesome! Love the Gridiron Kings card too.