Sunday 14 January 2018

Redeemed and Replaced (Kinda)

Getting back into things, and hitting the mailbag with a mailer from Panini.
Up first is this, which I received in a box break of 2012 Totally Certified. When it wasn't fulfilled right from the start, I assumed it was never made. I was half-right. It was made, but the video didn't work. Since I had this put aside for Wes @ Willinghammer Rising, I'd requested it be replaced with something Crimson Tide related. So, Wes will be getting the non-functional Richardson video player/card, along with these.
A Flawless card? That's well above what I expected. I hope to finally be able to get to a post office by mid-week to get these sent out, along with some other goodies.

Next up, this group break redemption:
I was sorta tempted to send the code to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams just for the reaction when he entered it. Instead, I entered it, and requested something Bills-related.
This will do. He may have gone a bit off the sticker, but this is still a really nice addition with a new auto and relic of my favourite Bills alum. I love that Panini tends to help out with getting replacements that fit into your PC. Also, this is /15, so I'd think there might me more colours on the swatch, but I won't complain too much with the auto.

There you have it!


  1. That is nice.. The only time I've had a redemption was from Topps.. I ended up getting a Red Sox player.. lol

  2. That Bruce Smith is sweet! I keep putting it off... but I really need to just sit down and search for one of his signatures.