Sunday, 29 October 2017

2017 Hoops 3 Box Break - Box 3

And time to bring this thing home.
I'm going to open with an autograph this time. Because it is the only Raptors insert or parallel that I picked up in the boxes. Lorenzo Brown will probably spend the season going back-and-forth between the 905 and the main team, so this will likely be his only card as a Raptor. Kyle Wiltjer, who also appears in this subset will be in the same boat, especially since he just signed to play in Greece. A zero-year (tm. Nick @ Dime Boxes) auto of his will likely have me sending out the bat signal for a stateside trading partner.
And now the parallels. I always like getting Dennis Schröder cards, since umlauts rule!
I pulled two non-silver base parallels and it looks like both of them will be heading elsewhere. My next trade package to Kerry @ Cards on Cards should have this 25/25 ebay 1/1 of Noah Vonleh in it.
And the red backed card.
More first round cards numbered /2017.
When it came to the rest of the parallels, there were a lot of dupes. And that's not counting the Shaq video game promo cards. But I should at least highlight a card of a guy named Yogi.
But I got one new 2K18 Shaq card! Another trophy card!
And the other autograph in the box. A #1 draft pick? More importantly for me, a #1 draft pick with a pretty decent signature? Even better!

But that's not all! I need supplies at the LCS, so I opted to pick one final pack of the product. Kinda of a "support your LCS" deal.
Another lottery pick auto! I like the star at the end of his signature, since it is something different when it comes to an autograph.

So, 3 boxes and one pack landed me an autograph of a legend, a pair of lottery picks, a Raptors auto as well as a pretty good veteran auto, with two of them being /25 parallels. That's a pretty hot hand. With Upper Deck CFL set to drop later this week, I hope it will continue!


  1. Great triad of boxes. I can only do one, but I hope it's half as good as any of your three. I'm surprised Lorenzo Brown got an auto in the set. Glad, but surprised.

  2. More cool stuff. Too bad about Fultz' injury- sounds like he might be out for a while.

  3. Monk!! I've only caught 1 1/2 Hornets games in this young NBA season, but this kid looks like he could be legit. Great auto.

  4. I still haven't been able to find new basketball stuff around here. It's frustrating.