Saturday 14 October 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 30 - The Mystery Machine

Hey! A new repack at Wally World!
In addition to what is advertised on the front, the back advertises a mystery item , an auto/relic, and a 1:10 chance at an encased card. I assume I could have searched and shook every box to find that, but I just opted to pick the first one. It didn't have an encased card.
Here's the auto. Adam Creighton was a junk wax era staple, so this isn't too bad for someone who busted wax at the time. It is also the only certified auto he has.
Here's the bonus item, still wrapped in the plastic. Only Matt Carle is no longer active in the NHL. A pretty good job picking players for this jumbo card.

And the packs:
2 each of the flagships and Parkhurst, and I guess that 99-00 is the bonus pack. I'll just hit the highlights chronologically.
And the oldest is pretty good for my mask binder. I really like the Esche, as he's still sporting the mask of his OHL team in the Plymouth Whalers. The Bourque is a Crunch Time insert, for those that don't want to sacrifice their eyesight to read the red text.
The flagship does give a chance at some Young Guns from a pretty strong class. While I didn't land McDavid, I did get a pretty good YG from one of the two packs. I could just as easily have landed a 1 game wonder.
And a nice mask binder card in the other pack.
No YG in the series two packs, but that Fabbri will go out in a future trade package and that Ehlers will be my 14th card of his in my 2/14 collection.
Ray Bourque makes a second appearance in the break, this time with a great photo highlighting his Stanley Cup victory. I can't hate any card that features an appearance of the trophy. That was probably the first card for Subban with the Predators, and I'll wrap it up with the only rookie in the pack.
And one of the better rookies from last year comes out of the second pack. It is sandwiched between a pair of Penguins, both of which aren't bad pulls on their own.

While on the surface, the value really wasn't there when the packs came out, it did make up for it with the contents of the packs. I looked up some of the cards on COMC, and the selling prices, the Panarin, Marner, Crosby and the rookie jumbo would actually cover the cost of the box and then some. So at least there's that.

Next up, more repack fun!


  1. Adam Creighton.

    Holy shit - just had a REALLY bad Hawks flashback.

  2. Cool repack. I opened up a bunch of 95/96 BAP hoping to pull a Gretzky autograph. Never did. But I pulled a Roy, Hasek, and Belfour.