Monday 23 October 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 33 - More Dollarama Hockey

And the usual $3 of a hanger and Surprise Bag, and the usual start with the former.
2011 Heroes & Prospects - Max Iafrate - An easy decision to grab this repack. A visible Kitchener Rangers card on top, plus an alternate uniform? Yes, please! Any other keepers the rest of the way home are bonuses.
1990 Bowman - Todd Elik
1990 Score - Gino Cavallini
1993 Ultra - Dave Karpa - How many chances will I have to scan a Dave Karpa card?
1992 Parkhurst - Jim Hiller
2004 H&P - Robbie Schremp
2002 Prism - Brent Johnson - Mask binder randomness
1990 Topps - Zarley Zalapski
1990 Score - Ilkka Sinisalo
2006 H&P - Jennifer Botterill - Easily the most decorated member of this repack, with 3 Olympic gold medals to her credit.
1994 Parkhurst - Steve Larmer
1991 UD - Jeff Norton
1990 Score Young Superstars - Glen Wesley - At least some variety to the 1990 Score fest that was this repack.
1991 SIS - Neil Fewster
2010 UD - Ilya Kovalchuk

A perfect start to this, with some decent randomness with the Botterill as well.
All cards in the Surprise Bag.
The 2010s pack was OK. You have a major name there, but I really love getting a new OHL card as Bryan Little rocks the Barrie Colts gear.
While the goalie pack usually means mask binder goodness, not this time. The qualifying cards were dupes, and I also already had the Francis.
Fortunately, the misc. pack was really good. Jack Egers is a Kitchener Rangers alum, dating back to the OHA. The Petes sport one of my favourite OHL uniforms. There's another card from the women's team. Sarah has two Olympic golds. And the Missing Link! Poor, shirtless Denis Savard is in a distant 6th.
I think that's the first pack of 2009 Choice I've busted. At least that 1/3 Turco card is enough to get me to send it to TMM. Of course, this is just two days after another package went out. Since why should I be efficient?

And there you have it.

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  1. "How many chances will I have to scan a Dave Karpa card?"
    Why would one want to scan it at all.

    "1994 Parkhurst - Steve Larmer"