Wednesday 11 October 2017

Little Dog Cards

I'm dog people. So, on occasion, I go for canine-themed card posts. Here's one such occasion, with a couple little dog cards. Not little dogs, but little cards.
Here's a card that came up while doing the Challenges. It was reasonably priced, and I decided to make this the oldest card in my collection. Assuming COMC's cataloguing is correct, this card is from 1901.
There's a little more information on the back, and a little more about Major Richardson's War Dogs here. 470 photos, you say? That's quite a few packs of smokes for someone who wanted to collate the set.
Welcome to flavour country!
I think I better wrap things up with a second, less nicotine-themed image.


  1. I wish a card company would produce a dog trading card set today. I'd love to get a Bernese Mountain Dog rookie card.

  2. Awesome cards both, particularly the older one. I've been trying to land a French Bulldog card of some sort since we got ours this summer. Dogs rule.