Saturday 7 October 2017

Too Many 2/14s

What happens on a day when you want to do a trade post but aren't feeling overly verbose? After already splitting the envelope into two posts, you then split the cards you'd planned for the second post into two separate posts.


Anyhow, back to the latest mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams/Verlanders, and the additions to my 2/14 collection from said mailer.
The opening card is a retail parallel of the second most prominent member numbers-wise of the basketball portion of the binder. This puts his total at 43, trailing Richard Hamilton with 60.
1 basketball card. 1 baseball card. And we have another parallel. This time, from 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions, is a perfectly coloured red parallel. The former Yankees, current White Sox prospect makes his 11th appearance in the binder, still without a MLB appearance. That's easily #1 among people who haven't played in the pros. Barry Jones (not the white pitcher, but the black outfielder) is next with 5.
And here's one hockey card as well. Or more accurately, a printing plate. Plate #13 enters my collection, and Brandon Sutter gets his 57th entry in the collection.
Steve McNair continues to close in on the lead among the football portion, as he trails Jim Kelly's 74 cards by only 5 with this addition to the binder.
Drew Bledsoe isn't far behind either, as he reaches 61 with these two cards. I keep numbered cards and hits in a separate binder, but I probably won't add that 1 of 63400 in that.
One #1 overall draft pick getting a pair of cards deserves another, so her's a pair of shiny cards of Jadeveon Clowney to wrap up the post. He's in 6th place in the football portion with 34 cards.

And there you have it. I'll wrap up the trade envelope sometime in the not too distant future.

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  1. If you like that stuff wait til you see what I've picked up for you recently, including at today's show