Friday 6 October 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 29 - The new $3 usual

And now, the $3 for 80 cards baseball hanger. As with my first of these, I'm scanning everything. That likely won't continue through further ones, but maybe my mood will change.
Lindor was one of the 4 visible cards in the box. It took me only until the second card to pull a Met this time. Shea also makes a horizontal appearance as well. That's Chuck Knoblauch on the Shades card.
When combined with the first repack of these, it took me 100 cards to get to the first Blue Jays card in one of these. I have no memories of Kohlmeier, but faux Heritage stuff is always fun.
More Jays content. 1983 is another one of my favourite Topps designs, so it is nice to land a Jays card in that design. The Nix is a nice looking full bleed photo as well.
WOO-HOO! Scott Scudder is not only a 2/14 baby, but that is one of the cards I didn't have in the collection yet. That is surprising for a card of a player who was really only active during the junk wax era.
An umpire card! Awesome! Sanchez was the visible card on the back side of the Lindor stack.
Starting off the second pile is a Rich Harden for my CanCon binder, some legend cards from the Ted Williams set, another Jays card, and the somewhat strange bunting style of Mariano Duncan. Good start.
I hope I don't have to wait until 2030 Heritage for there to be a design that incorporates a cap into the design again. Archives! Make it happen!
Yes, that Ausmus counts towards the mask binder.
Impressive stare from Stewart, but it really wouldn't achieve perfection until he'd move on to Oakland.
There's a second 2/14 baby in this repack, but this time it is a dupe. There's my 6th and final Blue Jays card this time, a nice upgrade from zero last time. The Cano ends this on another interesting photo.

And there you have it. Both of these have been pretty satisfying for the cost. Definitely more to come of these.

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