Friday, 4 September 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 33.1 - Cube or Cards?

It's been a while since I picked one of these from Walmart. They're a cube of cards with 5 packs, a bunch of sticker packs, and 50ish loose cards. I'll cover the packs today, and will move into the other miscellaneous cards at a later date. Probably tomorrow, but that will change depend on my mood.

Here are the 5 packs.

1997 Certified
2006 Beehive
2008 Victory
2008 Upper Deck
2012 Score

All the sticker packs were 2008-09 Panini.

I'll post the cards in chronological order, and wrap up with the stickers.
Chrome/Prizm/whatever to start. Or at least they'll be chromier if I removed the protective cover. The Roy did have the cover on it, but it was partially off when I opened the pack. Other than that, this was the first pack.
Zzzzzzzzz. I think that Sundin has been in every pack of Beehive I've ever busted.
This isn't too bad of a pack. Valabik is a 2/14 baby, but that's a duplicate in that collection. But he's also a Kitchener Rangers alum, and it isn't a duplicate in that collection. I really like the Brodeur card since it really isn't the typical goalie shot in this set, with a photo from outside of the crease.
The last time I pulled one of these packs from a repack, I pulled a YG of John Tavares. Jay Rosehill isn't exactly on that level. But it did give me the only Ottawa Senators card in the break (although there were a couple stickers).
Two cards saved this Score pack. A nice photo on the Shaw and a throwback uniform are sure keepers.

A couple good cards, but I'm still preferring the cube at this point.

On to the stickers!
Way more than I can post, but I can hit some of my PCs. Masks, obscure hockey birthplaces and 2/14 stickers were all among the contents.

As were...

Turn back now.

You were warned.
Obnoxiously loud and shiny stickers.

I'm still voting on the cube as my preference so far. But, there should be some goodness among the 55 cards.

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  1. You are the repack king sir. I don't have that Stamkos, if your willing to let it go I can send you the Encarnacion gold Chrome card I pulled a few days ago for it and some other Jays/Mets.

    Also would be interested in the obnoxious lightning and thrashers stickers if you aren't keeping them.