Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New 2/14 Baseball Cards

Firstly, I've made a small change to the layout here. I've removed the "I collect" from the sidebar, and replaced with a link to my zistle 2/14 collections. I've only got baseball done for now, but hope to finish the rest over the next couple weeks. Although some of the more obscure cards aren't there, such as local and minor league issues, I'm pretty happy.

And with that as the lead-in, here are the newest 2/14 cards in the baseball portion of the binder.
And we lead with this John Marzano card. One thing about the rework was that it gave me the first chance to rework the counts of the various players. Doing so showed me that the new leader among the baseball players is the late John Marzano with 26 cards. That still pales in collection to numbers for the other sports, where Marzano would be tied for 10th overall with David Garrard. But, in baseball he leads Scott Scudder and Larry Milbourne by 2, and 3 over the guy who will certainly take the lead at some point, Derek Norris.
Time to welcome a pair of new folks to the binder. While I haven't been able to find any true vintage cards of his for my collection, a 1985 reprint of a 1947 Play Ball issue will do just fine.
#2 among the new names is former Red Sox draft pick Andy Yount. There's no relation to Robin that I can find, but for this collection all that matters is the 2-14ness.
Staying in the minor leagues, here's my 4th card of perfect match (year and date) Vincente Garcia. 4 still dwarfs the count for fellow perfect matches Viktor Kozlov and Damaso Marte, it is still a pretty good number for someone that never made it about AA ball.
I'm all over the non-MLB issues in this one. This is Barry Jones. His cards are the toughest to acquire since his cardboard career is around the same time as another Barry Jones was active with the Pirates, White Sox and Expos. This one never reached the bigs. But, here's a nice card from the Puerto Rican winter league where he was with San Juan. This is my first baseball card where the primary language on the card isn't English, although I do have some hockey cards with that feature.
And one more non-MLB issue with this Ian Clarkin. This is my 6th card of his, and my first one outside the Bowman family of products.
Finally, the last card is a card from MLB! Card #4 for Daniel.

And there you have it.

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