Tuesday 29 September 2015

All About The Penmanship

And now, the newest quintet of inductees into my penmanship binder.
The 2014 rookie class may have been popular with collectors, although the penmanship wasn't the best throughout the class. Quincy is by far the elite of the rookie class in terms of having a consistent, legible autograph. Xacier Su'a-Filo is the only other member from last year's crop that is on my watch list.
Nick Anderson's loses partial points for going off the sticker, but he recovered nicely. I really love the way the initials stand out, but the signature is still completed - at least as per room on the sticker allowed for it.
Madison continues his climb up through the Red Sox system, reaching AAA this year. With penmanship like this, I want him to reach the bigs on that basis of that alone.
Sadly, Jackie Bradley Jr has regressed to just doing a "J B Jr" in some of his more recent cards. So, it is this that will make its way to the binder.
On the other hand, Shelby Miller's signature has remained nice and consistent throughout his short career. Lots of loops, and they are the highlights of his autograph, especially when room allows for a larger loop. All it needs now is for him to add a smiley-face to them like Jimmy Mann, and I might be ready to proclaim it the greatest signature in sports.

And there you have it!


  1. I do appreciate a good signature.

  2. Those are all nice but I'll agree that Shelby has had a consistently nice one throughout his career