Sunday 20 September 2015

Final Prestige Basektball Post

Probably the final one. I think. Unless I find a cheap box somewhere. Here, I grabbed the Raptors in a case break of the product, and there was a case of the high-end Luxe release. I got in late, and got a good deal on the Raptors. I figured if I hit a card in Luxe, I'd be happy. At about $250 for a box of only 4 cards, I thought it was worth it to take a $20 bet that there would be a Raptors card in there.

But, first the Prestige.
Not so good for the base, getting only 3 of the 6 possible Raptors. But, I now have the regular base card of Bruno Caboclo from this set, the Plus version and now the Premium version.
But, I did get 3 numbered parallels out of it. It was kind of a surprise to get the same number of parallels as base cards. All numbered differently as well!

No hits from Prestige, but I was really hoping for something from Luxe.

And it came through.
Oddly die-cut, but a nice on-card autograph /60 of the Raptors' 2014 #1 draft pick. I've ended up with a good number of Caboclos through breaks this year. He actually has a pretty good auto, and he's easily in the upper percentile when it comes to Raptors penmanship. Which is ghastly throughout the team.

1 new, die-cut Bruno is a really nice add to my Raptors collection.
But it is even better when it the case also nets me a beautiful patch. This is the gold parallel, and is, suitably for a nice patch like this, low numbered to just 10. I think this comes from the 'O' in Raptors, since it seems to be a little too large to be from the nameplate on the back. Also, the other patches on ebay seem more likely to come from Raptors as opposed to Caboclo.

But when the patch is as nice as this, I don't care too much about is specific locations.

This should be my final basketball-only post until Hoops hits the market in about a month. So for those that hate these posts, enjoy a vacation from them!

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  1. That is a very attractive signature. Even though I haven't commented on previous basketball related posts, they are always an enjoyable read.