Wednesday 23 September 2015

And the new 2/14 binder inductee is...

Anton Lesser! I've watched Game of Thrones approximately never, but when I go through imdb looking for 2/14 birth dates, I always like to check to see if someone has been in a show or movie that has or is likely to have a card set. That's how Danai Gurira of Walking Dead and Enrico Colantoni of Veronica Mars made it into the collection, and that's how Anton Lesser made it in.

This is also the first autograph I have of a male in the 'other' portion of my collection. The only other one is wrestler Hamada.

And finally, I have completed adding the hockey portion of my 2/14 list to my zistle list and that means all 4 of the major team sports are now there. So, if you're looking for stuff to send me, now it is a lot easier to avoid dupes!

Back tomorrow with more repack action!

1 comment:

  1. Don't start watching Game of Thrones unless you want to get hooked and end up binge-watching everything that's out for like a month straight!