Thursday, 31 January 2013

Trade with 2*3 Heroes

I've got to get caught up my trades before the 2013 Topps S1 box arrives. I'm almost hoping it doesn't show up tomorrow so I have the weekend to post about these.

Firstly, the smaller of the two packages. I sent Jeff some cards needed to fill up the 89-90 Topps hockey set, missing out only on the Trevor Linden rookie card. I also threw in a team bag or so worth of Blackhawks, and a Doug Wilson relic. The only thing I knew I would get in return was this card:

A pretty nice trade of relics. I get one from one of my favourite teams, and vice versa. Sweet. But there was more. This was certainly the most interesting of the bunch:

Much like the Tekulve I picked up for 20 cents, I have no idea if it is real, but who would really want to forge a Rick Aguilera autograph? Edit: This might have been from a trade from Carl Crawford cards. Too many great envelopes, too poor a memory on my part.

A card that would probably have made its way to my top 10 wanted very soon was also there:
A sweet insert of the reigning Norris trophy winner.

The rest of the bubble envelope featured cards for my various binders:

The 2/14 binder:

I must be the only person on the planet who actively wants to get cards of Viktor Kozlov. Or Ilya Zubov. Staying with hockey, 3 new cards made their way into my Alfredsson binder.
I was really glad to get the UD base card, since I forgot to get a second one for that collection at a recent show. A nice variety in the uniforms as well.
More Sens! Again, I forgot to get a second Craig Anderson UD for the mask binder, so this package took care of that. Staying up north, how about some colourful Blue Jays?
I've never pulled a Walmart parallel anything from a pack purchased at one here, so those are nice. Maybe I'll have better luck with red parallels when the Targets open up.
And some Mets as well!

Thanks for the great trade!

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