Monday, 14 January 2013

December Show Dime Box Goodies - Part 6

5 days of dime box cards down. 2 more to go.
1981 Topps/OPC cards in general are hard for me to turn down when I find them in a box. Especially when they feature a Hall of Famer. It certainly isn't the best photo of Yaz, but it I will still happily add it to my collection.
Ditto for shelling out a dime for one of baseball's most famous examples of the sophomore jinx.
Yet another situation when you have to say "This card looks far better in person than when scanned." It has a faux marble-y look at the top 2/3 of the card, fading into a red at the bottom. Nice and shiny as well.
A nice shot of a retro uniform. For the photograph, I still prefer his 1991 Score release, which I've shown before. Strangely, the tilt of the hat makes this card better, as it shows an almost perfect front shot of the logo.
A nice prospects card featuring two guys who went on to have nice, lengthy careers in the bigs. Even McMillon and Banks spent several seasons in the bigs. Banks even earned a World Series with the Marlins. But this one's purchasing decision rested solely on the Vlad.
You don't often spot Blue Jays, especially current ones, in dime bins in Ontario. Another easy decision.
And another card that, on the back, references Joe's '93 heroics. Again, a very easy decision.

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  1. That Sosa is one of my favorites, and any time you score a Yaz from a dime box you did well!