Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Continuing with the mailbag

Firstly, let's start with a pair of cards from 2X3 Heroes' Tis the Season event.
This might not have been the most spectacular pick, but it was one that I needed for my Platinum set. Baby steps, people. Baby steps. The second was a little more interesting of a pick:

A sweet Cooperstown Cal Ripken Jr. insert. Thanks for the cards, and it was a reminder that I promised to look in the attic boxes for some of those hockey cards from your wantlist. 6 unsorted boxes shouldn't be that hard to search through!

Since I still want to get through these by the weekend, when I can return to the dime box goodies, I'll also cover the bonus cards I picked up through Shoebox Legends' bonus rounds.

Not the most interesting pick for a Mets & Jays fan, but things got better. Plus, Righetti's time with the Yankees was during the down years, so it wasn't a totally painful choice.
Although I'm not a Leafs fan, the Wendel was the type of player you really had a hard time hating.
There was a vintage bonus round as well. I elected on this card of Bubba Church. Why? The guy is named Bubba Church. Even his moniker is vintage!
As the draft's last round ticked away, the second last bonus round was to grab a final card of your choice from the remaining cards. I'd already picked up one of these in an early round, so this one seemed like a logical pick to go alongside it. It's also /100. Not bad for a retro.

I got the third pick of the final round. There were a couple of nice vintage cards, but those went in the first two picks. I was leaning towards a Carlton Fisk relic, but I elected on this instead.
Mainly due to Gio's great signature. Great loops. If I believed in graphology, I'd have fun psychoanalyzing it.

And, as a bonus leftover from a previous trade, there was also some sweet additions to my goalie mask binder.
I like that the back of Lehtonen's as it tells the story of the design (Western films, specifically Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven). But the Tim Thomas mask from the Winter Classic is my favourite of the bunch. I love ones that reference the history of the specific team or the game.

I'll work my way through the entire draft tomorrow, in order.


  1. I like Pomeranz but in that photo it looks like he's about to lily-arm a fifty six footer.

  2. Glad everything made it safely, sorry I didn't have time to respond to your email!